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The images presented on this site are copyrighted to Klasky-Csupo, Nickelodeon and Viacom Inc. Images used throughout the site are provided for ntertainment purposes only. In no way should any of them be used to turn a profit or for commercial exercises without the consent of the creators.

All images displayed on this site were scanned or captured for specific use on this site only. They should not be used elsewhere without consent of the site owner. While I do not own any of the Rugrats images (they are all owned and copyrighted to Nickelodeon and Klasky-Csupo) I have spent considerable amounts of time collecting these images as a catalogue for fans of the show. As such, all images provided here are tagged with the site name, address or logo. Untagged images were gathered from or the Klasky-Csupo site at

Site specific imagery, such as the header images, was created by Sarah Wakefield and should not be used elsewhere, in whole or in part.

If you see an image on this site that has been donated (and will usually be tagged as such) by a user of the site and it was originally scanned or captured by you please let me know and i will adjust credit tag and/or remove the picture on your request.

If you wish to use images from this site on your own please do not remove the tags and please save images to your OWN SERVER. Credit is much appreciated in the form of a link back.

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